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The Florida Intercollegiate Forensics Association is devoted to maintaining, supporting, and administrating forensics activities in the state of Florida at the collegiate level.

FIFA offers individual events and debate. Within individual events, students have the opportunity to compete in varying styles of speech including platform, limited prepation, and oral interpretation. Within debate, FIFA allows students to compete individually through Lincoln-Douglas Debate and in teams through Parliamentary Debate. In addition, while FIFA does not host college policy debate many of our member schools do participate.

FIFA enables students to not only improve their speaking skills, but also develop a stronger understanding of the communication field as a whole.

Summer 2022 Update

FIFA was back in 2021! Tournaments are still mostly online, we haven't seen each other in almost two years and a lot has changed.


FIFA was held over two weeks in Spring 2022.

February 18-20 we hosted FIFA "Part 1". A virtual competition in IPDA and LD. This allowed for specialized (and larger) judge pools. 

February 25-27 was an in person tournament hosted by the University West Florida. This included NPDA debate, BP and all IEs. 

UCF is hosted PKD nationals on March 10-12.

The 2022-2023 competition schedule will be updated here as it is available.


UF Gator Invitational

Hosted online

Dates: January 15-16


Contact: Robertsk@ufl.edu or Acmart@ufl.edu

FIFA State Championship Part 1 

Hosted online via Zoom

Dates: February 18-20


Contact: Jonathan.Conway@ucf.edu

FIFA State Championship Part 2

Hosted at UWF

Dates: February 25-27


Contact: Jonathan.Conway@ucf.edu

Fall 2022 will be updated when available.

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