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The Florida Intercollegiate Forensics Association is devoted to maintaining, supporting, and administrating forensics activities in the state of Florida at the collegiate level.

FIFA offers individual events and debate. Within individual events, students have the opportunity to compete in varying styles of speech including platform, limited prepation, and oral interpretation. Within debate, FIFA allows students to compete individually through Lincoln-Douglas Debate and in teams through Parliamentary Debate. In addition, while FIFA does not host college policy debate many of our member schools do participate.

FIFA enables students to not only improve their speaking skills, but also develop a stronger understanding of the communication field as a whole.

2020 was an odd year. So odd in fact that is December and I am just updating this for the 2020/21 competitive season.

First of all thankyou to all teams, coaches and alumni who have been able to help keep this year running. With the pandemic and this new online tournament madness things have been crazier than ever but we have made them work.

2021 FIFA will be held online. We recently passed an initiative to vote on debate formats each year based on community desires. I think we are moving closer to a stronger and more adaptive organization. 

Stay tuned for tournament updates for the spring!

Jonathan Conway

Director of Speech/IE

University of Central Florida

FIFA President

FIFA State Championship

Hosted online via Yaatly

Dates: February 19-21

Debate and IE


*See tournaments page for invitation documents.

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